The wild Atlantic coastline of North Cornwall has been a long-standing inspiration for my paintings and it is the particularly beautiful area round Boscastle which continues to captivate me. Here the dramatic landscape is made up of highly structured, dark slate cliffs and tidal inlets. Along this stretch of coast, looking out towards Pentargon, there is a path line which follows the contours of the cliff edge which in its turn echoes the surf line of the sea. There is a grandeur about such a coast with the architectural qualities of its monumental cliffs. It is often from these high viewpoints that I draw, looking down onto the natural harbour and sea.

Towards the Penwith peninsular, Godrevy Point forms the easterly arm of St Ives Bay and from one side looks across to the distant town of that name. I went there recently for the first time, to discover for myself this darkly slated promontory, ending with a small island bearing a lighthouse. Here there are certain echoes of the architectural formations that I know so well up the coast at Boscastle, yet excitingly it also offers new configurations of shape and structure.

© Vanessa Gardiner